What You Need To Know About Diploma of Outdoor Recreation

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Do you have a thirst for exhilarating adventure? When you want a career path that is both rewarding and fun, then most likely a diploma of outdoor recreation is just right for you.


With this degree, you can work as a camp director, a park warden, or an outdoor adventure guide among many other choices. Be equipped with the knowledge, competencies, and skills, and enjoy a wide range of career choices.


What does this Degree Teach You?

This program combines classroom lessons, placement positions, and field expeditions to inculcate knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for you to make a positive contribution to the outdoor recreation industry.


Exciting and challenging, this is designed to make you ready for a wide array of career options. With the emphasis on studying various leisure pursuits and recreational activities, the coursework ensures that you, as the student, will find relevance to your natural environment. Click here Asset Training Australia


To attain these goals, the diploma of outdoor recreation utilises these following elements:

· Applied and theoretical study on outdoor recreation in all aspects

· Research on nature parks, environmental tourism, and ecological recreation

· Teaching of mutual responsibility for research and learning

· Undertaking scientific research on nature parks, environmental tourism, and recreation

· Supporting a wide scope of related activities to outdoor recreation both locally and internationally

What are the Employable Skills?


It is projected that after the diploma of outdoor recreation program, you must have developed a highly employable skill set. This includes career-related expertise and other skills, which you can use in other fields apart from outdoor recreation.


· Familiarity with the industry’s commercial aspect

· Capability to successfully deliver information to various audiences

· Knowledge of how to be involved in local, regional, national, and global community initiatives

· Capacity to exhibit a suitable professional appearance, behaviour, and attitude

· An extensive understanding of the tools essential for working with a sustainable, environmentally-conscious organisation

· Skill to adapt, analyse, and apply basic cultural and environmental stewardship related to the industry

What are the Career Options?


With an Australian diploma of outdoor recreation and the competencies and skills you have gained, you can pursue a career in one of these fields.

· Blogger

· Camp Counsellor

· Camp Director

· Community Program Director

· Entrepreneur

· Mentoring Coordinator

· Naturalist

· Outdoor Adventure Guide

· Park Warden

· Recreational Activity Specialist

· Recreation and Leisure Supervisor

· Recreation and Sports Director

· Sales Representative

· Tour Guide

· Tourism Promoter

· Tourism Researcher

· University Professor

· Wellness Coordinator


However, take note that these may require supplementary education, training, or experience. If you are interested, you may check out these career options further.


Where Can You Get Employed?

With a diploma of outdoor recreation, you can start working as at various organisations such as:

· regional, state, provincial and federal parks and protected areas


· public and private organisations


· adventure and outdoor-related agencies

· private adventure organisations

· private leisure organisations

· Educational institutions

· Environmental groups


· Organisations that supervises activities for the youth, the elderly, and those with special needs

Where to Earn Degree?


If you plan to major in this field, then you may find a good number of schools like Asset College for the best diploma of outdoor recreation.

If you still have any more questions, feel free to contact academic institutions for the requirements and other necessities to begin earning this diploma. You may also ask about any scholarship and student membership opportunities as well.